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Then the system swung in out of the blue and caught them outer thors path this isn't t he end we caught that a violent storm handling it a steamer shows and s windle the hawkers somehow make it on board.
A day passes by then g'ene reveals to everybody they're on board a fine ship. There was a strange guy sitting about after a while she chose to call him trog 2, and they became friendly for a while his tales where funny he'd just taken the voyage he said and once in harbour was going to start a new life
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Finding out Dennis was following the chase island services Lucy made this chapter round by the berkley pub along city road links Dennis was taking a coffee when a stranger made his aquaintence at the bar talking the ticker by when nicknames arounded Trog the junior Trog Den says thinking hard reaches into his insider pad page 2 3, known locals - there.. Trog founder member the romans of whitley bay, no says Trog tell me more and so it went go on with the day found the new Trog off and Den taking a walk across the sand steeped with figures in time he finds a quiet spacious lounge seat at the oh, hotel and consumed by fiddling looks through old pc file 1, rakes in Trogs number and studies a bit.The Trog junior whom he'd met earlier was dark haired not like the known keyboard man who was Ed